Change Logs

1.1.3 - 9th, Nov 2020

New Component

  • Free Shipping Notice


  • Add alignment option for coupon form in Cart Items component.
  • Add .po file into the languages folder.
  • Improve the internal codes.

1.1.2 - 5th, Nov 2020

Bugs Fix

  • Continue Shopping button was showing in Menu Cart and Sidebar Cart Widget.
  • Gap was not working between vertical buttons in Off Canvas Cart component.
  • Components were not disabling in multisite network.

1.1.1 - 30th, Oct 2020

Bugs Fix

  • Grouped product was not adding to cart.
  • Colors of external product button was not changing in Add To Cart component.
  • Fixed the PHP Fatal error in Add To Cart component


  • Improve the Tabs To Accordion component.
  • Improve the Add To Cart component.
  • Add the styler option for Empty Cart Message in Cart Page Builder component.

1.1 - 27th, Oct 2020

New Components

  • Ultimate Cart
  • Checkout Page Builder


  • Add some inbuilt presets.
  • Add Return to Shop button functionality in Off Canvas Cart & Cart Totals component.
  • Improve the Menu Cart component.

1.0 - 24th, Oct 2020

Initial Release.